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My name is Adam Hebert... and I'm RAD

My name is Adam Hebert and I'm RAD

Hello and welcome to my RAD website.

I am RAD Atom Design and Photography

My name is Adam Hebert, I'm the owner of RAD Atom Design and Photography

I started this business in late 2014 as my creative outlet to express my natural artistic talent. After working a "normal" job for 17 years with an average of 60 hours per week I realized that life was passing me by. I was 38, I missed my family and felt like I was wasting my creative skills. So one day I just decided to quit my job and start a business that I'm passionate about and enjoy doing. 

I have 20+ years self taught experience with digital art, graphic design and photography. I have an artistic eye for capturing emotion and personality in my photography with an analytical sense of detail to create unique memories in my photographs. I love being behind the lens and taking pictures as much as I do sitting at my desk editing tiny details to make every picture the very best it can be. 

I was born and raised in Colorado until 1992 when I moved out to California where after 10 years I decided that I need to move back to beautiful Colorado. I hopped  into my car and never looked back. 

In 2006 I met my (now) wife and married into an instant family of three kids. My wonderful wife and these kids are the main inspiration behind 86,400/1. I feel like I didn't know how to live until I met them, they gave me love and they gave me direction. My wife taught me to see the beauty in the world and in people while my kids taught me to enjoy every minute of every day. 

We live in Colorado Springs on the west side near the foothills of these majestic mountains. I love looking out my windows and seeing the mountains filling the skyline. Colorado Springs is and always will be my home. 

My style in photography

 I am not a studio photographer.  So don't expect me to line you up on the couch in matching clothes for a basic family photo – that’s what Sears is for.  Instead expect to play, laugh, love on one another and simply have fun. 

My job as a photographer is to capture a feeling or emotion that when you look at the picture it evokes some memory or feeling and means something to the viewer. Although there is some staging and posing involved, most of the greatest shots come from just playing around and hanging out having a good time. There's an emotional difference when someone looks into the eyes of a loved one versus staring down the lens of a camera which makes a candid photo have a deeper impact than a posed portrait.

Photography is about the human condition and should illuminate the unique personality of your family. Don't plan the outfits (too much), please don't all wear matching everything (unless that's how you dress day-to-day, then... well... ok) don't try to control your kids and make them smile or be still. Let them be crazy, it'll make for some great pictures that you will deeply cherish now and they will cherish when they're older trying to get pictures of their own kids.

My artistic style in my photos is geared towards what my clients like and want. I can mimic the editing styles of whatever styles you desire and re-create the Instagram effects if you're into that... that's totally up to you.

My personal style is high-contrast pictures with vibrant colors or deep black and whites but... If you leave it in my hands I generally let the photograph tell me how to edit it. Some pictures scream to be black and white while others just want one overlay color to create a mood. Some photos want to be hand painted, increased color vibrance, or even completely edited to composites. 

I never alter the original RAW file so any edits I do can easily be changed or removed altogether.  

Making every second count

My philosophy in life and especially in photography is to "make every second count." There's 86,400 seconds in every day and each passing second is a chance to create a memory that lasts a lifetime. 

So if we get to hang out for 3600 seconds for a family portrait session relax and have fun. Play with  your family, love your spouse, be silly, be weird, be you and by the end of the day I will have captured unique memories that you will be proud to hang on your walls and share online with everyone you know.

It'll be RAD... That's right, I'm bringing "rad" back!